About Us


Our Clients Come First
We firmly believe that our clients come first. Our business model is focused on providing technical and tactical support, from inception to expansion. Our experience has shown that as we help our clients grow, we grow with them.

Our Synergistic Approach
Our technical area of expertise is emerging growth companies in the middle market, for whom we provide a comprehensive toolkit that spans sales and trading, research, and investment banking.

Our Heritage
Our success in small and mid-caps has been rooted in our rich experience and history in the Indian capital markets. With over 30 years of experience, our promoters have built credibility and established a legacy with which we forge strong and lasting relationships with our clients.

Our People
Our most valued asset is our people. We firmly believe that by attracting and continuously developing a dedicated and talented team of individuals, we will be able to contribute significantly towards meeting our clients’ financial objectives in the long-term.

Finquest offers a full range of financial products and services ranging from equities and commodities to corporate finance and advisory services. Our service motto is to provide a comprehensive range of financial products and services with world-class infrastructure. It is FINQUEST’s constant endeavour to educate and assist our clients to accomplish their financial goals successfully.

Our Mission
“To achieve your financial goals by enhancing your understanding of potential investments and allocate your finances to maximize risk adjusted return and secure your financial future.”
We are dedicated to steering our clients towards the right growth-oriented investment decisions, and to provide strategic support at every step to ensure that our clients achieve their desired growth and liquidity objectives.

Our Businesses

1Finquest Securities

At Finquest Securities, we focus on the growth of individual and institutional investors.
For institutional investors, we provide a substantive, research-driven sales and trading platform that helps our clients make the right investments at the right time. We have extensive experience in successfully executing growth strategies to maximize returns for our clients.
For individuals, we are dedicated to developing growth-oriented investment solutions that suit our clients’ financial priorities. We provide our clients with a clearer understanding of potential investments, and help them to allocate their finances whereby they would be able to maximize their returns and secure their financial future. We offer a full range of financial products and services, ranging from equities and commodities to mutual funds and insurance.
2Finquest Financial Solutions
Through our Non Banking Financial Company (NBFC), we deploy funds across the capital structure in companies that have an emphasis on long term returns. Finquest has the experience, resources and the flexibility required to provide the capital solutions quickly, and the strategic and operational expertise to help support its investments.

3Finquest Capital Services
At Finquest, we focus on growth. We are dedicated to maximizing returns for middle-market companies, and our efforts are concentrated on growth. Our research expertise drives our strategic foresight in growth financing (private equity syndication and debt), mergers and acquisitions, capital raising, and strategic initiatives.
Finquest Capital Services leverages its rich, India-specific and global experience in corporate finance and strategic advisory in a diverse set of industries to serve middle-market companies, financial services firms, and investment houses across the globe. At Finquest, we anticipate challenges, develop bespoke solutions, and optimize transaction terms. Our distinctive approach to financial advisory services is premised on:
  • Our commitment to substantial senior level attention to each client.
  • Our emphasis on forging lasting relationships with our clients.
  • Our industry-centric experience and analytical expertise.
  • Our focus on executing strategies that are grounded in optimal unbiased solutions.

4Finquest Commodities

The commodities market in India is experiencing exponential expansion. At Finquest, we provide our clients who are interested in a fast-paced, dynamic market with rapidly increasing liquidity the opportunity to trade in the Indian commodities market.

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