The Finquest Advantage
Our Clients Come First–
Our Synergistic Approach–
Our Heritage–
Our People–
We firmly believe that our clients come first. Our business model is
focused on providing technical and tactical support, from inception to expansion.
Our experience has shown that as we help our clients grow, we grow with them.
Our technical area of expertise is emerging growth companies in
the middle market, for which we provide a comprehensive toolkit that spans sales and trading,
research and investment banking.
Our success in small- and mid-caps has been rooted in our rich experience and
history in the Indian capital markets. With over 30 years of experience, our Promoters have
built credibility and established a legacy with which we forge strong and lasting relationships
with our clients.
Our most valued asset is our people. We firmly believe that by attracting and
continuously developing a dedicated and talented team of individuals, we will be able to
contribute significantly towards meeting our clients’ financial objectives in the long-term.

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