Hardik Patel

Managing Director

Hardik Patel is the founder and promoter of Finquest. His areas of expertise include investment banking, equity brokerage, and wealth advisory services. Hardik has worked in the US offices of leading investment banks, and asset advisory firms such as Merrill Lynch, PCE Investment Bankers, and Fidelity Investments. Hardik specializes in developing bespoke client solutions that include creating prudent asset allocation techniques and building model portfolios.
Upon returning to India in 2005, Hardik launched Finquest. His vision was to develop a premier financial services platform that would shape the Indian investing context in the delivery of high-quality capital markets and financial advisory products and services. At Finquest, Hardik is actively involved in establishing and maintaining relationships with various institutional investors (domestic and international), corporates, high net-worth individuals, and family offices. Hardik earned his MBA degree from the Crummer Graduate School of Business in Florida (USA).

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